My parents were looking for a good neighborhood

My parents were looking for a good neighborhood

I moved to rancho Sahuarita one year ago. My parents were looking for a good neighborhood where they could retire, and me, I was not looking forward to it. We were coming from Montreal, Canada. A big city with all the excitement and the action that a future high school senior could ask for. When we arrived to rancho Sahuarita in the late August 2005, I was discouraged. It was a very nice place indeed but I was seeing parks everywhere without kids playing in them.

Two weeks after my arrival, I had to go register as a senior at the local high school. It was a huge relief to see that the peoples from this small town were incredibly kind and gentle. They made me feel right at home.

The next day, I went out to discover my new neighborhood a bit more. Rancho Sahuarita is an absolutely magnificent place. The houses are beautiful, the parks are so well taken care of, that you never want to leave them. There is also a fabulous lake that brings peace to the whole community. During my little walk, I also found out about the clubhouse, a place where families and teenagers would go to relax and have fun. They would play basketball, tennis or soccer or just go to the water-park. It’s also were I met my two new best friends, Murphy and Derrion.

The school year went on to start and I was very excited. Everything was new in my life and I couldn’t wait to start living it. Rancho Sahuarita is a very beautiful place but the people living here give this extraordinary community that ‘je ne sais quoi’. They are kind, loyal and very giving. I am glad my parents chose this place for a home, and I also hope that this would be the home of my kids.

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