I am proud to be a member of the 6th generation of my family

I am proud to be a member of the 6th generation of my family

My hometown is Palominas, Arizona. I am proud to be a member of the 6th generation of my family to live in the San Pedro Valley of Arizona. Five generations have been born here. My three times Great-Grandmother settled in the St. David area. She had a trading post there and traded with the Apaches from the Dragoon Mountains. She worked and traded with the Apaches in the 1850’s and 60’s. A few years and several generations later, I was born in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I grew up in Palominas, right next to the San Pedro River.

My family has farmed and irrigated from the San Pedro River their entire lives. Our rural farming way of life is dwindling rapidly I am sorry to say. What my family has enjoyed in a rural community will perhaps be gone before my children are born and grown. I would like to get my degree then come and work in the medical field here in the San Pedro Valley. My wish is to live and thrive in my rural surroundings and be able to offer my children the ability to grow up on the land and learn how important it is to be self-sufficient. One family tradition I grew up with is producing, storing, and eating what you can grow yourself. My family for generations raised cattle and grew crops and come harvest time, they shared with any family less fortunate than they did. It was a way of life to make sure your neighbors had enough to eat, even if you sometimes went with a little less. The cost of taxes and land is making this way of life the exception rather than the rule in small farming areas of Arizona. We must, in my generation and generations to come, find a way to keep the small farms and ranches from disappearing into urban development. Our way of life is important. I feel to the future of America and I plan to work very hard to get my education and then raise my children in the small community way of life. I want them to feel comfortable talking to their neighbors and I want them to help take care of everyone in their community.

Let me tell you a little about my hometown. The name Palominas means “Place of the Doves.” It is from the name “Palominas de San Pedro,” a name that Father Kino gave to an Indian village located by the river in what is now Mexico. Palominas is nestled between the Huachuca Mountains and the Mule Mountains. It has beautiful high desert landscape with a combination of Oak Trees, Mesquite, Creosote Bushes, and Cat Claw. With the San Pedro River running right in the middle of it, with its ribbon of bright green Cottonwood trees and desert willows laced in and out. The river is located along the migratory path between Canada and Mexico; this part of Arizona is one of the best bird-watching areas in the United States. A wide variety of species can be observed all year long, although the hummingbirds are especially plentiful. The Huachuca Mountains are some of the birding hotspots in the U.S. In the shady canyons of these mountains, you’ll find the Nature Conservancy’s Ramsey Canyon Preserve, as well as Garden Canyon (on Fort Huachuca army base north of Ramsey Canyon). To the south of Ramsey Canyon are Carr Canyon and Coronado National Monument, which both offer more good birding opportunities. To the east of the Huachuca’s lies the San Pedro River, much of which has been designated the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. This is one of the few rivers in southern Arizona, and though it isn’t much bigger than a creek, the forests along its banks attract an astounding variety of birdlife. This part of southern Arizona is the most beautiful spot in the United States as far as I am concerned. We have beautiful weather year around. Very mild winters with just a touch of snow and summers at least 10 to 15 degree’s cooler than Tucson or Phoenix. I would love for anyone to come and see how wonderful it is here and I will bet you that you will want to stay and make this part of Arizona your home. 

Come to Palominas and I‘ll show you around.

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