It is truly my hometown

It is truly my hometown

I was born and raised in Prescott Arizona. It is truly my hometown. Every season has something going on. In the summer, you have the big Forth of July parties. It is my favorite time. There is the World’s Oldest Rodeo with the dance after, the Parade, the venders at the county court house, the bucket brigades with the hose cart races, and much more. There is so much to do that week. People are also big on the Cinco de Mayo festivals. It is perfect weather and everyone is so happy during the summer. During fall there is Octoberfest were we have the street venders out every weekend selling vegetables, food, and other homemade supplies. However, some would say that Christmas is the best time of year in Prescott. We are Arizona’s Christmas City and it comes very close to being my favorite time. We light our courthouse the first weekend of December with all the school choirs in the tricity area standing on the steps. I have sung on the steps every year from when I was in sixth grade to when I was a senior in high school.

We have beautiful Ponderosa Pine trees. They are one of the lowest elevation pine trees in the United States. You can go walking in the woods or hike up Thumb Butte or Granite Mountain, which some people have in their back yards. We have the national forest all around us. You can always smell the trees in the summer when they are getting water from the monsoon season. That is the time when you watch the sky for the amazing light of thunder and lightning.

The town is very connected. People will go to Pioneer Park to watch baseball games, and the town will come to the high school football games. The Cardinals have come the past few years to have pre-season practice here. We also have the Whiskey Row Marathon every year in May. It is one of the most difficult marathons in the United States. It goes from 5280 feet to 7000 feet within the first 7 miles. I have run in the 10K for 5 years.

We have three colleges that make the city very diverse. We have Prescott College that focuses on the environment. We have Yavapai College that has some of everything. And we have Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where most graduates become military pilots. This makes Prescott have everyone from students to retirees. It is one of the most popular places to retire. We have the Pioneer Home were retirees of Arizona come to live. It is hard to get into and there is always a waiting list.

The town is also big on theater. We have the Prescott Fine Arts Association (PFAA). They are always putting on shows. Sometimes even several children’s shows. The community has always supported the school’s fine arts program, including the choirs, bands, and drama.

We have so much history in our city. The miners were one of the first people to come here. We were Arizona’s first capital; we have the Sharlot Hall Museum, and the Elk’s Opera House. People still live in houses that were built when the city was first founded. We are almost to the limit of students in our one high school (where both my parents graduated, along with my sister) and we just got a new bigger mall a few years ago.

It is the perfect sized town, where you feel like a small town but we still have our mall and enough to keep people entertained. My greatest memories come from this city.

Downtown is the greatest place to go during the holiday seasons. Downtown is the courthouse, with Whiskey Row and shops all around it. People keep moving in to the area. I wish people didn’t want to live in Prescott so that it could stay as small as it is but if they don’t live in Prescott they will live in Prescott Valley or Chino Valley, which are about 10 miles out of Prescott. Nevertheless, everyone wants to move here to enjoy the beautiful Ponderosa Pines, our holidays, our seasons, and our hometown feel.

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